Tea soothes a stressed mind, say scientists

We all knew it, our great grandparents knew it, but now it’s official!
Tea really has soothing powers and can reduce stress and related effects.

Let’s look at the science behind this:
Stress is a condition triggered by hormones, the lower
they are – The happier you are.
In a study made at the University College London,
it was found that Tea drinkers had half the level of
stress hormones then others given a like-tea beverage,
and all were subjected to the same stress exercise.

In total 75 young adults took part in this experiment,
all were regular tea drinkers and all went on a caffeine
free diet, 6 weeks prior to the test.

So how did they do it?
The key was trying to make everyone believe they were actually drinking tea, however in fact, one group was given a non-tea (but looked like tea) with caffeine, where-as the other group was given…. Tea. The real tea was disguised so that the volunteers could not derive accustomed comfort from the brew.

After the 6 week fast prior to the test, all were given tasks, aimed at putting them under stress.
The result was that all groups showed a hype in Cortisol – The stress hormone, along with an increased heart rate, and blood pressure.

50 minutes after the end of the task, those who drank the real tea had seen their cortisol levels drop by 47% compared with the second group drinking non-tea.
The blood work also showed that the platelets (relating to blood clotting
and sadly heart attacks) had been less active for those who drank the
real tea and reported to feel more relaxed compared to the second group.

At UCL, they admitted it wasn’t possible to prove that tea drinkers had
less stress, however they did prove that tea drinkers witness a fall in
stress levels much faster than non-tea drinkers.

So now we know, what was non for a very long time, but has never been
proven: Tea really is kind to the heart and tea drinkers really do enjoy a
lesser stressed life.

Here are a few tips to relieve stress in your life:

Laugh more, Compliment someone, Make yourself a nice cup of tea


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