Today we set up relations with Wedding aisle Boscombe, tourist info in bournemouth and a well known national coach company. Bookings for lunch and afternoon teas are still rolling in, Mothers Day is really popular as any likes, shares or retweets will get mum a deserved little extra from us at Steam,

Paid a visit to staples who price matched our order for business cards, flyers and a temporary sign so a big thanks to them, especially the fella who had to put up with us for an hour and a half..

A carrot cake which is a speciality of Amanda's shall make an appearance this weekend alongside our homemade chocolate, apple, victoria and lemon cakes. Soup is also made fresh every day on site.

Look forward to seeing you



#homemadecakes #vintage #staples #homemadesoup #mothersday #weddindaisle #touristinformationbournemouth #afternoontea

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